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TCG 2015

Over the years, the DEUTZ 2015 Series has become one of the most versatile and trusted diesel power plants worldwide.

For even greater flexibility, the TCG 2015 turn-key gas version of this successful engine is targeted for agricultural, oil and gas sectors and applications demanding extremely robust, reliable power for continuous-duty operation.

In 6- and 8-cylinder turbocharged configurations (air-to-water charge-air-cooler), the compact, water-cooled TCG 2015 meets the toughest power demands from 220-322 hp (164-240 kW).

  • TCG 2015 Power Unit includes:
  • Basic engine
  • 24V electric starter with charging alternator
  • Fully assembled and wired ignition system
  • Solid-state engine controller
  • Programmable speed controller
  • Engine-mounted dry-type air cleaner and turbocharger
  • Wet exhaust manifold for combined heat and power application
  • Engine gas train with shut-off valve, pressure regulator, fuel trim valve, Venturi mixer and throttle*
  • SAE 1 flywheel housing
  • SAE 14" flywheel
  • Engine-mounted control panel with safety shutdowns for low oil pressure & high engine temperature
  • Flexible engine mounts, secured to wooden transport frame for ease of installation

*Natural gas only. For alternate gas types, please contact DEUTZ Corporation

Find further information on our TCG 2015 Datasheet