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TCD 2015 V8

Modern water-cooled four stroke 8-cylinder V-engine.
Water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifolds.
PTOs gear driven.
Modern injection system with mechanical governor.
Electronical governor for gen set application.
Charge-air-cooler by engine cooling liquid.
Innovative DEUTZ Multi-Parallel-Cooling System.
Compact design.

Technical data
Emission norms EU III, EU II
Number of cylinders 8
Bore 132 mm5.2 in
Stroke 145 mm5.7 in
Displacement 15.9 l970 cu in
Maximum nominal speed 2100 rpm
Power output 440 kW590 hp
at speeds 1900 rpm
Max. torque 2650 Nm1955 lb/ft
at speeds 1400 rpm
Length 1006 mm39.6 in
Width 932 mm36.7 in
Height 1152 mm45.4 in
Weight 1250 kg2756 lb
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