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Engine Completion and Value-Add Production Parts

As an industry-leading supplier of diesel engines, DEUTZ provides OEMs with a full suite of engine installation packages.
From Value-Add solutions and Power Packs to supplementary components and engine options, DEUTZ is your single-point supplier of engines and engine installation components.

Value-Add Production

In higher-volume applications, DEUTZ can provide OEMs with customized solutions for engine assembly delivery or contract manufacturing.
Our engineering team optimizes engine installation design using low-cost, high-volume parts. By combining our global purchasing expertise with a continuous cost-improvement approach, we can offer OEMs excellent value at favorable prices. We simplify manufacturing by incorporating many parts into our engine assemblies, allowing OEMs to focus on other parts of their machines.


Power Packs

DEUTZ offers a range of Power Packs, from the D1.2 to the TCD18.0 engine.These ready-to-install packages provide customers with a completely built-up engine assembly.
Not only are DEUTZ Power Packs easy to install, but they also offer the industry’s lowest installed and operational costs. And, they come with the same exclusive warranty as new DEUTZ engines.




Completely Knocked Down (CKD) Kits

In more challenging applications, DEUTZ Power Packs can be provided as a CKD kit. This allows use of the Power Pack both in smaller spaces and when it’s integrated into the machine production process. Power Packs are supplied unassembled at the component level, giving OEMs the opportunity to apply an engineered solution with high-volume components to their machines. Kits are individually packaged for use on machine production lines. When required, kits can be customized for specific applications.



Component Supply

DEUTZ is more than just engines!
We’re uniquely positioned to develop customized solutions. Because we have access to an unlimited number of suppliers at our disposal,
you get the benefit of our volume purchasing power to meet all your requirements and maximize your profits.
DEUTZ proudly offers a vast line of original,
genuine parts. We can supply individual components or customized production kits
that provide all the parts necessary to complete any job, from regular maintenance to
complex engine overhauls.


Control Panels

DEUTZ offers a selection of control displays to fit many applications, allowing end-users to operate and monitor their engine’s performance






Wiring Harnesses

DEUTZ wiring harnesses are designed to provide durable protection and are available as a Value-Add part to make your new DEUTZ engine more off-the-crate ready.
Our machine and glow-plug harnesses are available to integrate the electronics of the engine with the OEM machine.






DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Tanks

Multiple DEF tank sizes are available to provide end users with an ideal match to their fuel tank capacities, extending run times and keeping fluid fills aligned.







OEMs can choose radiators from our wide range of cooler packages, or we can customize a design to meet the most stringent design criteria, utilizing our global supplier base to minimize purchasing costs. Current offerings include radiators in a wide range of configurations that incorporate charge air coolers or oil coolers.




Air Filtration

Air filters are matched to the engine application and anticipated working conditions.







Hoses and Pipes

Kits or individual hoses and pipes can be made available to connect the engine to the cooling package or air-intake system.






Engine Accessories

DEUTZ also offers a complete line of engine accessories that, when combined with cooler packages and wiring harnesses, allow you to customize your installation.





Other Options

Additional options such as filter kits, oil and coolant drain kits are available for installation as loose accessories for fit up on your custom application.






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