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DEUTZ Factory-Built Power Packs

DEUTZ factory-built Power Packs are available in ready-to-install packages for mobile machinery.

Each unit includes a cooling package and mounted exhaust after-treatment. Engines can be equipped with a suction or pusher fan.

All DEUTZ Power Packs are designed, fully tested and validated to offer a robust and completely integrated power package. These complete “drop in,” ready-to-run packages offer the same performance and reliability associated with all DEUTZ engines and powered equipment.

Power Packs are very compact and have been designed for use in the construction, agricultural, and industrial markets. Each offers easy installation along with the industry’s lowest installed and operational costs.

Power Packs are available in three different versions: Pedestal, Open Skid, and Closed Skid. Each version is supported with a large range of options and accessories. Both the Open Skid and Closed Skid Power Packs are free-standing.

Power Packs feature the latest technology, including water-cooled, 4-cylinder, inline diesel engines with cooled and external-exhaust-gas recirculation. Available in normally aspirated or turbocharging units.

Use of DVERT® oxidation catalyst (DOC) enables maintenance-free operation under all applications and ambient conditions. The DOC is a modular exhaust after-treatment (EAT) that comes pre-mounted to the engine, maintaining a compact design.

DEUTZ Power Packs come with a complete factory-supplied warranty.