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D 2011 L03 i

Oil-cooled 3-cylinder aspirated engine in inline construction with integrated cooling system.
Direct injection with single injection pumps and optional electronic governor.
High reliability combined with durability. No corrosion or cavitation due to oil cooling and lubrication.
Minimised running costs due to low maintenance need and little wear.
Low fuel consumption due to optimised combustion.
Long oil change intervals of up to 1000 hours.
A very good load response ensures an immediate power supply.

Technical data
Emission norms EU IIIA, US T3
Number of cylinders 3
Bore 94 mm3.7 in
Stroke 112 mm4.4 in
Displacement 2.3 l140 cu in
Typical generator power at 50 Hz / 1500 rpm
Typical generator power (COP) 18 kW24 hp
Typical generator power (PRP) 19 kW26 hp
Typical generator power (LTP) 20 kW27 hp
Length 755 mm30 in
Width 590 mm23 in
Height 700 mm28 in
Weight 254 kg560 lb
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